Wandering Destination : AamBagan Market, Rourkela

Dawn-sky at Ambagan Market / Ispat Market.

Wandering Destination : AamBagan Market, Rourkela (A photo journey)

Textiles shops
Ambagan market also known as Ispat Market is a prime shopping market in sector 19 of Rourkela city. It is the oldest and largest shopping center of the city. At Ambagan, people can purchase almost all types of household materials, handicrafts, vegetables, fruits, fish, groceries, clothes and several other useful articles.

Aam-bagan literally means mango gardens. Decades ago, this part of city was famous for mango plantations. Now the name Aam-bagan is shortened to Ambagan. 

A food court located near to the market where most kind of fast-food, both veg and non-veg, is available. Food court is quite clean and relatively hygienic place to eat. 

Near to market, there is a "bank road", where most of ATM's are located. There is no ATM inside the complex and hardly any retailer accepts payment by cards.
Food-Court at Aambagan

The market will remains closed on every Monday. In the evening the market opens around 5.30. Food court is well set by seven in the evening.

Adjacent to Ispat Market, there is another marker named Gajapati Market with a number of shops.

Some interesting incidences:

Paisa kaha jayega?

Institute bus. Bus goes to Ambagan market every Sunday.
Me and my wife were looking for a shop where bakery items and snacks can be purchased. Eventually we found a descent one. The proprietor welcomed us and asked to pick up anything we want and he will make bill at the end. We finished the shopping, chose all what we can and what we had to. After that we had a glass full of Masala-soda with many ingredients in it. 

Appreciating the quantity and quality of soda, we left the shop. After an hour or so, I realized I haven't pad the money.. I rushed back to the shop immediately, apologized to the owner and paid the money. 

I asked him, "You were aware right ! then why have not you stopped us before leaving the shop without paying you?" 

He smiled and said, "I knew you have not done it on purpose. Paisa kaha jayega (Money is not running away) ?"

Customers choosing kinds of vegetables

I don't understand what are you talking !

Usually we go to Ambagan market on Sunday taking the institute bus. For around two months after joining NIT, temporarily accommodated in Guest house, we never missed our weekly leisure time. Soon we were shifted to appropriate quarters. Now it was time to purchase vegetables, which we obviously never did before in Rourkela. So the first job was to purchase a sturdy bag for carrying vegetables. We saw, an old man was standing on sidewalks selling different kinds of bags. 

He was quite old, must be above seventies, standing and holding a bamboo on which hundreds of bags were hooked. I was sure he was still waiting for "Bohani" (The first customer of the day). His innocence and marks of poverty probably forced us to go to him  and see the bags. As usual, we started discussing in Marathi the quality and our requirement. An there was THE moment.

The old man said, "I don't understand what you are talking !". In fluent English.

Why it's different:

  • Vendor really consider customer is a God. 
  • Vendor believes his customer.
  • Vendor accepts his mistake, apologies and returns a smile. And importantly, rectifies the mistake immediately.
  • Vendor never cheats on customer, may it be vegetable weighing, price of the good or the quality of material.
  • Vendor helps you to choose the best, Informs you about cheap brand along with a reason and urges not to purchase. 
  • Vendor returns the rest of money or change. If you leave the shop forgetting the return money, he will ask his servant to follow you, find you and return the money.
  • If you visit a the same shop twice or thrice, Vendor remembers you and your liking.
  • Vendor hardly says NO to any item. In case doesn't have it in his shop, he gets it for you from some other shop. In the very same way a Marwadi does in his textile shop. 
and the list continues !

Market get really active after dawn.

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Smeared skies

Smeared skies

Evening skies are so complex,
but its complexity that we human being love to watch.

Being in right place at right time has huge advantage. You see what people don't !

Dusk and Dawn are the best time of the day to watch smeared skies.
Mere, half an hour daily show. Small is indeed beautiful. 

HDR photography allows to introduce properly exposed surroundings.

Surroundings add drama to your scene. sometimes a story as well !

Creating silhouettes emphasizes the objects even though underexposed. 

Snap the gradient and keep photo simple yet descriptive.

For more description practice all the elements in Panorama. HDR, Silhouette and a large canvas for such "wide" story.

Breaking the rule is indeed creativity. Caution, Break the rules when you know them very well ! Afternoon skies has drama no less than evening skies !

Seasons like Monsoon, when photographed from top with the trees beneath, is sensational and romantic.
Time permits to watch the scene for hours.
 I am talking about "Meghdoot"?

Morning are not different than evening ones.

Reason, it is the start of the day. Environment is so cheerful and hopeful ! 

Photographers get so much new to see, it is literally a new day and new beginning !

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate,I shall be content with silence.”
                                                                         ― Ansel Adams

‘Kanchi Abhijana’ - Series of Dance Mudras by Manoranjan and Minati Pradhan

‘Kanchi Abhijana’ - Series of Dance Mudras by Manoranjan and Minati Pradhan

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela is celebrating 53rd Institute Foundation Day on 15th August 2014. To commemorate this day, various programs have been organized bythe Literary and Cultural Society of SAC. Major among them was a SPIC MACAY event, ‘Kanchi abhijana’ by Guru Manoranjan Pradhan and Troupe from Utkal University of Culture.